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Project management and quality management

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Prepare a memo outlining the key concepts of quality management and how it impacts project management. Assume your audience, the CIO, has little if any understanding of quality management within the field of project management.

Provide examples of its use in a project scenario for illustration purposes (fictitious examples are ok), describe advantages and disadvantages of its use.

Original content please.

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Project management and quality management is examined.

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Project Management & Quality Management

Date: 28 January, 2010
Subject: Quality management and its impact on project management.
Success of an organization and its project predominantly depend upon on advanced technology and synergetic resources development, but in present time all these things can be achieved easily with the help of quality management. In today's competitive market, seller's market is changed into buyers' market. Profitability can only be achieved through quality built into the products/services to fulfil the needs of the customers. Quality can therefore be no longer talked as a frill; it is a way or necessity & a way of economic growth. Therefore, quality management assumes greater importance.

In present consumer requirements are becoming more & more stringent. The age old concept of percentage defects is no more acceptable. Now manufactures are operating at parts per million levels & moving towards parts per billion levels. In this kind of environment, we also need to set up a quality vision & translate that into mission, statements and targets so that determined projects can be accomplished successfully. This quality management for our organization and projects can also be developed with the help of total quality management process, which is actually a system, philosophy, set of concepts and principle for implementing quality practices.

The conception of Total Quality Management is an all-inclusive notion as it includes the concepts of total quality, application of the concepts of total quality to products and services, procedures and people through the stipulation of suitable values, policies, objective, planning, processes, extent, leadership, training, motivation and organisation (Total Quality Management, 2008). Total Quality is a path towards business growth. It is not a programme with a determined end point.

Total Quality Management is a strategy for ameliorating business functioning through the allegiance and participation of all employees to fully satisfying agreed customer necessities, at the optimum on the whole costs, through the uninterrupted melioration of the products and services, business procedures and people postulated. It is a process by which organizations can attain success through satisfying their customers. Total Quality Management is a peculiar strategy for business success along with following key concepts:

Total Quality:
The total quality concept of ...

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