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The importance of Quality in Project Management

Explain why quality must be addressed beginning at the start of project planning to the end of project/product delivery. What quality factors must be addressed throughout a project? Please provide source link.

What role does the project manager (PM) play in project human resource management? Please explain. Please provide source link.

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Note: My explanation will focus on the knowledge of the theory and practice of project management.

Quality in project planning
Project planning usually begins with an analysis of quality, risk, scope and resources available to lead the project from beginning to completion.
In project planning, it is important to build quality into the work structure and schedule with a focus on the client. For instance, customer reviews are identified in the project schedule as separable milestones. Customers are brought into the development of the WBS through Internet exchanges and meetings in which the customer is educated on all the details of the WBS and the preliminary schedule.(Saylor and Barkley, 2001)
Quality is the combination of quality processes and customer learning, challenging the project manager to balance the application of quality standards to the appropriate user view of what is important. This requires that the customer be educated by the project team on the appropriate quality testing and standards for the customer's planned application. This suggests the relative nature of quality in the context of the wide variety of quality objectives or features for a given deliverable.
Quality is integrated into the early development process. For instance, product quality and reliability testing are specified as product features, not as a separate testing process. Quality data on variances and test outcomes are shared with the customer as with all project team members and stakeholders. ISO standards are written and scheduled not by separate quality staffs but by product ...

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Quality in project management and the role of the Project Manager.