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Company Operations and Project Management

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1. Given that companies operate in a global environment today, what impact does technology have on their operations?
2. What is forecasting and why is it an important key to successful project management? Provide an example of a project and discuss the type and approach of forecast you would use to produce that product or service.
3. Project managers need to rely on marketers to produce ever-changing/improving products and services. Consider Webster University (Saint Louis, MO) and their commitment to providing quality education. Discuss the product lifecycle of the courses they provide.
4. What is quality and does "high-quality" exist? Support your answer.
5. Provide an example of a service and describe the process analysis and design for that service. Also, describe the impacts of redesign and "leaning" that given process.
6. You are the project manager of establishing a new campus for N. Carolina University. Discuss and support a location strategy for selecting the site of this new campus.
7. Discuss the importance of layout decisions and describe the best layout for a classroom of 10 students working as a project team.
8. Explain what a talent management assessment is and the reasons for conducting one. List five competencies that one would need to be a Project Manager.

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