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    PERT and CRM at Wal-Mart

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    How does project management effect various department and organizational functions at Wal-Mart?

    In terms of conducting PERT and CRM in Wal-Mart, what are the limitations and/or difficulties?

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    Wal-Mart and Importance of Project Management.

    Managing operations and other functional areas is a critical job in the organization. There are many operations and activities in an organization that are integral for management. These activities and operations comprise of accounting, human resource management, production and planning departments, financial management, marketing and promotional activities, manufacturing and distribution, etc. All these operations and activities should pertain to manage the renovation procedure within Wal-Mart (Lichtenstein, 2005).

    The project Management of Wal-Mart has both direct and indirect impact on the other departments, such as HRM, marketing finance, etc. For instance, marketing activities of Wal-Mart are concerned with market research to gain the knowledge about customer's perception and their requirements so that Wal-Mart can serve them with the product and services as per their satisfaction level (Lewis, 2007).

    All these activities are interconnected with each other. To accomplish the marketing research, Wal-Mart ...

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    Wal-Mart is discussed in this solution, particularly pertaining to its project management and the importance of this as well as how it directly and indirectly impacts other departments. How PERT can or cannot be applied to Wal-Mart is also explained, as well as Wal-Mart's use of CRM. It is a total of 566 words long with 5 references.