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McDonald's Project Management, PERT, and CRM

Consider the organization, McDonald's.

- How does project management influence other departments and functions of this organization (i.e., marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc.)?

- What are the difficulties or limitations for implementing PERT and CRM in the organization?

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For a large organization like McDonald's, project management affects each and every other department and function of the organization. It is essential for the smooth functioning of all other departments and functions so that every project in the organization is completed in a timely manner and as per the desired scope.

For example, a project such as implementation of CRM software can significantly affect the marketing and sales division of McDonald's. It is very essential for the functioning of the marketing and sales department that CRM implementation project gets implemented on time. Similarly, implementation of a payroll system or upgradation of an existing one can affect the functioning of the HR department.

Therefore, we see that individual projects in an organization, especially for a larger one like McDonald's that has global operations, is extremely important for smooth functioning and efficiency of various individual departments and functions. It is essential that effective project management practice takes place throughout the organization to ensure that various departments of McDonald's functions smoothly and without any interruption.

Let us take a simple example of the procurement and purchase function of McDonald's. McDonald's' purchase division has to daily procure fresh raw materials for preparing various ...

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McDonald's project management is discussed in this solution, specifically in how it affects each department and function of the company. The limitations of implementing PERT and CRM are also explained in this approximately 825 answer with references.