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WBS for CRM Implementation in MS Projects

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In the past you created a work breakdown structure for the entire CRM system implementation. You also elaborated on that structure and identified more details for one of the deliverables. In the past you also created a schedule for the training deliverables. You also identified the skills you needed for a team. Now, as a team, you will create a fully leveled schedule for the entire project (CRM implementation, marketing program, and training). The schedule should be created in Microsoft Project. you will first need to define the following:

*set-up of Microsoft Project (including how you will work on the file individually and jointly)
*deliverables from each phase
*milestones in each phase
*skills required for each team
*resources available to the project with the given skills
*availability of each resource to the project (doesn't forget about vacations, *training, holidays, etc.)

Make sure you document the resource descriptions (skills and availability) in a simple format for the instructor.

Then,as a team, divide the project schedule into sections. Do NOT divide the resources/assign them to be used by only one team member. As individual team members (example: Team member A, B, etc.) complete the schedule for the assigned section.

*Provide more detail by defining the tasks.
*Assign dependencies among tasks, including lead and lag time.
*Assign resources to tasks based on the skills and availability defined by the team.
*Level each team members of the project.
*Conduct a PERT analysis for one section of the team members schedule.
*Create a baseline for each team members section of the project.

As a Team complete the following steps to finish the project schedule:

*Combine the individual plans into one plan (if needed).
*Review and refine the critical path.
*Identify dependency and resource conflicts.
*Level the entire project to the extent that makes sense (remember that the *project has to be complete within a nine-month period and other interim dates *were defined in the past).
*Create a baseline for the entire project.
*As you adjust the schedule to meet the required dates, document the trade-offs *you made and the risks introduced by those trade-offs. (If you do not have to *make any trade-offs because you can meet the timeframes, turn in the schedule, *resourece descriptions, and trade-off descriptions ). Be sure to explain which *point of view(s) is best for evaluating the project schedule, including the PERT values.

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