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    implementation of a BI, CRM, or BOM application

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    Using the information gathered in the group project put together the following: I would prefer BPM, BI, or CRM applications

    A plan to garner support from key stakeholders at SaveWithUs and users for a project to implement the application. The plan should list who would be contacted, what information would be presented, and the type of support that would be sought.
    A 6-10 slide presentation about the chosen vendor, why the vendor was chosen, and a proposal to create a project to implement the application. Include a general time table, resource and cost estimates.

    Below is situation given for the analysis needed to answer the questions.


    SaveWithUs, Inc. has hired you as a consultant to improve their business processes through information systems management. SaveWithUS (SWU) has been a manufacturer and distributor of household decorations for eight years. They have five stores in two states. Their target markets are post-college singles, newlyweds, and new families.

    One goal of SWU is to increase their repeat business. Store managers think that they currently get 30% of repeat business, but are not positive. SaveWithUs, Inc. also needs to reduce both the expenses of the items they manufacture: simple wood chairs, tables, and cabinets; and of the items that they purchase for resale: pottery, plates, flatware, glassware, and decorative items like pillows and wall hangings. They feel they can control inventories and make better contracts with vendors if store managers have a better awareness of their sales.

    The CEO, Ms. Tania White, feels that there are gains to be made by improving how work is done and reducing the paperwork load on the store managers and manufacturing/distribution centers. "Everyone has excellent guesses as to what is happening and why, but no one can agree on the facts of what is going on. "I want everyone on the same page, and able to concentrate on doing what they do best, not pushing paper and arguing about figures in every meeting," says Ms. White. "I need you to propose solutions for improving business processes and creating a stronger reporting system for the company."

    You survey the challenges ahead to fulfill the company mandate. You plan for the process to start with benchmarking other firms to gain ideas for solutions to improving business processes, records, and reporting. When you have compared these ideas to SWU's needs, you will next propose solutions to the SaveWithUs executive committee. After that, you will educate management on how to avoid pitfalls in usage of uniform business processes. Finally, you will choose a vendor and create an application implementation proposal for the executive committee which will include a budget, timeline, and plan for garnering support from all stakeholders.

    Below is the group project which was mentioned above.

    Individual portion: Choose one of the following areas for investigation:

    Customer Relations Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Business Intelligence/Reporting
    Business Process Management
    Using the information from the Library and elsewhere on the Internet, create a 10-12 slide presentation to present to the SWU executive committee that covers the following:

    Major features of the application group. How does it benefit a company?
    Major touch points within and outside SaveWithUs. Who is/are the major inside and outside user target group(s)?
    Major product vendors (Company and product names)
    List major attributes and advantages of the vendor's product. What does the vendor say makes their product unique?

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    We will chose CRM for this assignment.

    The key stakeholders that should be contacted include Top management, Sales and marketing divisions, IT division, HR division as well as departmental heads of all other divisions. A CRM implementation affects all the divisions in one way or the other. However, the above mentioned list includes some of the stakeholders that will be affected by the implementation in a major way. Accounting and purchasing divisions, vendors, dealers and even customers will be affected in one way or the other.

    An important document to seek support from key stakeholders is the project charter for CRM implementation.

    CRM project charters are high-level documents that:

    ? Define the CRM vision and strategic priorities? Identify stakeholders and executive sponsors and decision-making responsibilities? Make the business case? Define business systems or functions that will be impacted by the CRM initiative? Establish baseline metrics? Broadly scope out a business and technological architecture? Establish preliminary ROI projections? Define scope and resource requirements? Establish a general timeline

    The project charter serves as the first step and the guiding light in an enterprise business and process assessment. This involves all the different functions that will contribute to orbe affected by the CRM initiative, including functions like product development, marketing and sales, distribution, customer operations, billing and other areas that span functional boundaries. Areas that span functional boundaries ...

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    Produce a plan to gather support for the implementation of a BI, CRM, or BOM application, produce a presentation about a vendor.