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Sales management and true application

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Experts in the field of customer relationship management and sales force automation will state significant benefits are achieved through the application of such processes. Such benefits as 1) repeat business, 2) enhanced target marketing, 3) increased brand and corporate identity, and 4) improved productivity, can be achieved through such implementation. Given your research, your knowledge, and your understanding of sales management, post your perspective and either defend their correctness or dispute their true application. Within your response, include and cite at least one relevant quote from your textbook.

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The expert discusses the importance of CRM and sales force automation for enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of marketing and sales function in an organization.

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I would definitely defend their statement and would definitely agree to the fact that CRM and sales force automation go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of marketing and sales function in an organization. the Benefits including targeted approach, repeat and referral business, higher customer satisfaction levels and enhanced brand and corporate identity are achievable through such tools because these tools empower a company and its employees to understand its customers in a much more informed and better manner. ...

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