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Utilizing Technology as a Sales Manager

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As a sales manager, the best tools you can offer a sales professional is something that will help them be more productive. Working smarter, not harder is critical for a sales professional to be more effective and efficient and to increase overall success. With that in mind, any tools you can provide them to aid in their daily activities are beneficial. Technology comes in many forms and can be used in various ways, consider the different technologies that you know of and how they can enhance functionality, productivity, and efficiency of selling and your sales force. The Internet or other resources can help in finding new ways to consider using technology. You can utilize $25,000 you have been given to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your sales force via technology. Do not forget to consider new and creative ways in which technology can be used.

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The best thing that this sales manager can do is invest the money in technology that will not only only offer on going training for the staff, but also offer numerous functionality that will be discussed below.

There is a site known as Salesforce.com This is a company that help sales ...

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This solution includes detail advise as to what management must do in order to be more productive. It also includes a word document that contains a budget for the equipment that management needs in order to be more productive. This paper tells you how to properly manage the $25000 to increase the company's productivity.

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How do I determine the most recent technology that would benefit any operation?

Your process team has been requested to identify technology that would be beneficial to manufacturing and service operations clients (e.g., SBS Seating and MLD Hospital).

Consider the following:

SBS Seating manufactures leather seating that consists of various components, such as frames; electrical parts (heating and comfort features); padding; and leather sewing (final assembly). It currently uses basic accounting software and high-end manufacturing plant machinery in its operations.
MLD Hospital has little or no specific technology tools pertaining to inventory management.
Walton's Department Store: a growing retail concern that is interested in providing low cost products and is relying on technological innovation to optimize costs.
Your task is to research and identify appropriate tools for the clients listed above, developing a review of potential technologies (software and hardware) that may be appropriate for each industry area and client in particular.

The 3 clients represent 3 different industries: manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Explain how the technology requirements for SCM are the same and how they are different.
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Research and identify one other nonsoftware technology that might be useful (e.g., robotics for manufacturing) to each industry, and explain how the technology will help optimize costs and efficiencies.

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