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    Customer Relationship Management Discussed

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    Write a 5+ page, double-spaced essay regarding: CRM
    1.Explain what is involved in CRM.
    2.What type of tools do managers have to help them with CRM?
    3.Give an example of a company that does a good job with CRM.
    4.Give an example of a company that did a bad job with CRM.
    5.How has technology impacted how organizations interact with customers? How has CRM affected customer service?

    Write in APA format. Include an introduction, body and conclusion. Cite consistently throughout your work in APA format. Paraphrase rather than directly quote citations.

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    1.Explain what is involved in CRM.

    CRM (customer relationship management) involves a strategic methodologies, the use of software, and the use of Internet capabilities to facilitate more optimal management of customer relationships by companies in an organized way. CRM requires managers to define strategic points within the customer relationship cycle that represent problems preventing the most optimal customer satisfaction and loyalty. The objective is to develop solutions capable of creating superior financial rewards for organizations and establishing a competitive advantage. CRM requires for a company to evaluate the type of CRM data capable of fixing the problem points defined by the company and to select the appropriate technology that is capable of implementing the necessary solutions for company. Therefore, CRM in the 21st century entails choosing a technology platform and designing incentive programs to gain organizational commitment from personnel responsible for the success of any CRM program. Many companies have discovered that realigning the organization away from product groups and toward a customer-centered structure improves the success of CRM.

    Throughout the duration of the CRM life cycle, organizations must measure CRM progress and its impact on the customer reviews of the organization while also aggressively monitoring participation by key personnel in the CRM program because people are the ultimate key to the success of a CRM program. Therefore, the development of measurement systems is recommended to track the improvement in customer profitability with the use of CRM. After collecting data on the success of the program, organizations should then share information widely with employees as this will encourage continued commitment to the program by those most responsible for its success.


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