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Customer and investor results synergistic

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1. How are customer results and investor results synergistic and how may they conflict with one another?

2. What personal leadership skills are needed in optimizing the relationship between these two result areas while attending to the following three issues: costs, growth and management equity?

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Customer Results
We all are aware of the fact that the measurement of customer satisfaction is difficult, however it is possible to be done with the help of customer results. Customer results are the results that count. The customer results render an organization with an edge in handling their customer relationships (Ulrich, Zenger, Zenger & Smallwood, 1999). Unlike any other tool, the Customer Results Survey offers several benefits to an organization, which are as follows:
? It facilitates an organization in making recognition of the most commonly used customer strategies.
? This customer result surveys provide an opportunity to an organization in looking for tailored feedback from their customers.
Investor Results
From last number of years as competition is increasing most of the investors are not happy with the performance and execution of their investment advisors and due to this reason they had started making their own decision along with the help of various analytical tools and the knowledge of market they had collected (Fischer & Fischer, 2008). These analyses and estimations done by investors are known as investor results.
Analysis of Customer Results and Investor Results
Customer results ...

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The solution examines customer and investor results synergistic.

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