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    IPO, acquisition or merger

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    The organization is faced with three options to expand its operations
    a. they can go public through an IPO
    b. They can acquire another company in the same industry
    c. they can merge with another organization

    In the paper compare and contrast the three options and make a recommendation as to which strategy the selected organization should choose. Be sure to address the following in the paper.
    1. strengths of each approach
    2. weaknesses of each approach
    3. opportunities of each approach
    4. threats of each approach.

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    They can go public through an IPO

    The key advantage of going public is the access to large funds from general public investors as equity capital. Further, listing of the shares will help the company in getting a fair valuation, which will increase day by day based on company's performance. A public company is also viewed with increased trust. Further, IPO will raise the visibility of the company.

    Source: http://sonora.smallbusiness.findlaw.com/banking_financing/source/business_events/be21_2prosncons.html

    They can acquire another company in the same industry

    The acquisition in ...

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    A private company can expand by IPO, acquisition or merger: contrast the 3 options