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    Riordan Manufacturing

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    Riordan Manufacturing: In which you compare and contrast the three options and make a recommendation as to which strategy the selected organization should choose.

    1. Strengths of each approach

    a. They can go public through an IPO.
    b. They can acquire another company in the same industry.
    c. They can merge with another organization.

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    //Here, the task is to choose from the given strategies, which are going in public through an IPO, acquiring another company in the same industry or merging with some other organization. Firstly, there is a brief introduction about all of these strategies and their effects. Then after going through all of them, the best strategy will be selected//

    Riordan Manufacturing: Merger, Acquisition or IPO


    The Initial Public Offering or IPO is a strategy taken when a company wants to go public in the stock market and sells some or more part of the share-holding of the board members. The company wants to dilute its share holding in order to generate funds required for its prospective projects.

    Merger & Acquisition

    Many times, merger and acquisition are used as synonyms, but in actual business and accounting ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 550 words with references.