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    Strategic Marketing Plan and Presentation Script

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    Presentation Script

    1.Create a script to accompany the presentation. It should be persuasive and targeted to a business clientele.
    This part of the Individual Project should at least 2-3 pages in length (single spaced).

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    //The following paper discusses about the power-point presentation that includes customer relationship management, its attributes, objectives, model, components, stages of the process, its functions and important pillars of CRM. After discussing all the major aspects related to CRM and its role in the organization, the importance of customer database and the information received from the database are mentioned. Thereafter, service industry is discussed, including the dimensions of service quality and its growth strategy. In the end, a conclusion is framed for the paper. In the following paragraph, CRM and its importance are discussed.//

    Introduction: Customer relationship management is a set of mechanisms including personnel, technology and organizational structures focused at a better understanding of the needs of the existing as well as potential customers. High customer equity is ensured by integrating value management, brand management, and relationship management. The decision is taken by the company to decide which driver will suit the best (Rajola, 2003).

    Objectives: The major objectives of CRM are maintaining long-term relationships with customers, better understanding of needs and wishes of the clients, and pursuing strong relationship marketing strategy (Winer, 2004).

    CRM Model: The study of CRM model helps in accessing, persuading and fulfilling customer's needs in a better way. It has five steps starting from the creation of customer database. This creation leads to the identification of target customers by analyzing the database. After it, suitable and relevant marketing programs are constructed for implementation. However, only implementation is not sufficient in analyzing the effectiveness of the programs, so evaluation is also necessary in the end. While following all these steps, it is necessary to take care of the privacy of the customers because a fair amount of information is collected for relationship marketing (Colletti & Fiss, 2001).

    //After discussing the introduction of CRM, its objectives, and model in the above paragraph, we will throw light on the importance and functions of the CRM. In addition, the components, stages, important pillars of CRM, Importance of customer database and information from customer database are also described.//

    Importance of CRM: Customer Relationship Management is very important for any organization. It utilizes low cost technologies, thus, increasing revenues and profits. Customer loyalty and satisfaction is ensured by providing superior services. It is a source of competitive advantage also (Payne & Frow, 2005).

    Components of CRM: There are eight components of CRM: people management, lead management, Sales force automation, Customer service, Marketing, workflow automation, business reporting and analytics (CRM and its Components - Why are they essential, 2010).

    Process stages: It is essential to implement the CRM process in a right manner. The implementation process of CRM consists of six stages- ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted 1646 in words.