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Human Resources Management Plan for a Sports Agent

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Create documentation for HR professionals to use for managing an employment position for a sports agent. This information should help the HR professionals choose, train, and develop employees that are successful and aid in the company's goals.


1. Executive summary
2. Presentation on job analysis
3. Tips for process of selection
4. Script for orienting new employees
5. Training proposal

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Solution Summary

This problem talks about Human Resources Management for a sports agent. It also explores these issues in the context of selecting, training and developing successful employees.

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1. Executive summary

The job of the sports agent ranges from coordination activities for the athlete to communication with the media. The sport agent has to take care of legal, compliance and ethics issues. For this position, the person selected must have a college degree; this degree may be in sports management or management in general. The job involves, long hours, tough negotiations, need for political instinct and intense networking. Your company should ensure that not only are the candidates suitable for the job, they also have potential for growth and career advancement.

2. Presentation on job analysis

1. Sports agents act as liaison between team/athletic departments on one hand and news media. They must have a knowledge of press guides, press releases and must make themselves available to reporters, photographers and the broadcast media.

2. Sports agents are also responsible for coordinating the activities of teams and athletic departments; they are responsible for ...

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