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    Sport's Agent Company's Strategic Plan

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    How can a human resource assistance plan and aids fit into a sport's agent company's strategic plan?

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    //Before writing about any business strategic plan, we have to first of all, identify with the business and its scope. We should know in what kind of industry this business is functioning. So, first of all, we will know about the business under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Sports Agent Company is a company who works for an athlete. Sport Agent's obtains and negotiate the employment and endorsement deals for an athlete. Sport agent handles the contract of the athlete. Agent gets commission for this. The commission on the contracts varies between two to ten percent for each contract. Sport Agent Company also handles the public relations matters of the client. Sport Agent deals with all the matters of the athlete. Some of the large sports agents also deal with the financial matters of the athlete. Agent handles the financial issues ranging from investment to filling the taxes. These agents also provide guidance to their clients about their carrier planning.

    In physical and mental preparation, nutrition, setting goals, interview preparation athlete needs guidance. These sports agent company provides guidance to ...

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