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    Job Analysis of a Business Manager

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    Create documentation for HR professionals to handle a business manager position. This documentation should help the HR professionals select, train, and create employees that will work successfully to reach the company's goals.


    1. Executive summary
    2. Job analysis
    3. Selection process tips
    4. Script for orienting new employees
    5. Training proposal

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    Executive summary

    The document provides an extensive description about the human resource generalist positions. The main purpose of this exercise is to enable the HR team to chose the right candidate for this position as well as develop appropriate training and career development program for the individual chosen for this position. The document is intended to aid the organizational management in developing a human resource base that comprises of strong base of qualified and loyal employee base.

    These steps are directly related to the organization's overall strategic plan as human resource is the most important asset for any organization and thus, each position or job in the organization should be critically studied and analyzed, so that the best possible individual possessing the right set of qualifications and experience can be hired for the position and correct set of training and development program can be developed for the particular position. Such extensive analysis results in higher productivity for the individual as well as develops healthy and satisfied workforce.

    2. Presentation on job analysis

    Slide 1: Job Expectations / Job Functions of Hr generalist positions:

    General Summary:

    Human Resource generalists not only perform the routine functions/ administration functions related to payroll, recruitment, training, etc., but also act as key strategists in today's ...

    Solution Summary

    Documentation for human resources professionals to manage a business manager position is provided in this solution, including an executive summary, job analysis, selection process tops, orientation script, and training proposal.