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Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

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Creating a Job Posting for Your Small Business

Interview a small-business owner within your community. Address the following questions in your interview: See attachment

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Description of Organization
For this interview, a business owner of restaurant is selected. It is a newly established restaurant in London, UK. This restaurant is inspiring one, combining an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting food items in menu. The mission of the company is to provide efficient and superior customer service and great food selection for customers. Along with this, customer satisfaction is the prime objective of this business. Employee welfare, participation and training are important element for the success of the business. This business offers fair profits for the owners and investors and rewarding place to work for the employees. This organization provides unique, innovative and quality products to their customers to attract them.

Answer 1
At initial level, I have fulfilled all responsibilities of maintaining and running the business successfully in competitive market. But after sometime, when the business runs, there are lots of responsibilities and work, so it is difficult to manage all activities in a single hand. So, I decided to hire a manager in the organization that develops strategy to compete in the market. After the success of the business, I need a restaurant manager to manage all activities that helps to grow and expand the business in other areas. Manager is the important position in any restaurant business. Restaurant manager has number of responsibilities for running a restaurant in the day to day business.

Answer 2
Strategy to Outline Job Detail
In order to outline detail of position, a detail job description strategy would be used by the restaurant management for the recruitment of a restaurant manager. In this way, a simple job description process can assist the top management of restaurant to create a job application for restaurant manager in order to attract qualified and skilled candidates. In this strategy, detail description of job duties, ...

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