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1. Why does more than one computer language exist?

2. Why are most programs still in COBOL?

3. Leibs, (2008) reported on a novel form of outsourcing software development. Describe the approach and share your thoughts about this new approach to software development.

- Leibs, S. (2008, January). Gaming the system. CFO, 24(1), 69-71.

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Additional explanation on #2:
COBOL still exists because it has adapted itself to the changes in the IT industry. It has established stability that is why many enterprises and government agencies still depend on COBOL. There are also a lot of software applications created using COBOL for many years now that is why COBOL has a robust and strong IDE for business systems. And most importantly, COBOL still does the job efficiently. Finance and Insurance transaction data are mostly processed by COBOL.



1. Some of the reasons for having more than one ...

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