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Computer Programs & Development: basic programming languages, cycle

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Prepare a paper that addresses the following:

? Computer Programs
o Describe the three basic types of programming languages. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
o Discuss possible reasons for there being so many different programming languages.
o Describe the relationship between the computer program and how a computer processes and stores data.

? Program Development
o Describe the program development cycle, and explain why it is called a cycle.
o Describe the importance of using a structured, modular approach when creating program requirements, design, and code.
o Besides the programmer, who else should be involved in the stages of the program development cycle?

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1. Computer Programs
1.1 Types of programming languages:
There are three basic types of programming languages. They are
i) Machine Language
ii) Assembly Language
iii) High Level Language
Advantage Disadvantage
Machine Language Machine easily understandable.
The advantage of machine language is it runs very fast because no translation program is required for the CPU. User can not understand easily
i) It is very difficult to program in machine language. The programmer should know the details of hardware to write program.
ii) The programmer should remember a huge amount of codes to write a program
iii) It is difficult to debug the program.
Assembly Language i) The Assembly Language is easier to understand and it saves a lot of ...

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