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Hardware and Software

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Discussion is designed to help you understand the roles of hardware and software components in a modern computer system. For the purposes of this Discussion, assume that you are heading a team of 25 people working on a software development project.

Discussion Prompt:

* As the team lead, you need to purchase computers for your team. Would you recommend a multi-core CPU? In which situations do you think a multi-core CPU would be most beneficial, and why?
* Although your organization has succeeded in the past by using procedural programming, one of your team members recommends switching to object-oriented programming for this project. What advantages and disadvantages do you see? Justify your response with an explanation

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At today's computing age, a processor with multiple cores is becoming more and more common. Single core processors in modern computers are becoming more and more obsolete. As a team lead, I will recommend a multi-core CPU for the computers of my team. It is because multi-core CPUs are essentially more powerful than a single core processor. Considering the structure of a CPU or microprocessor, the core is where instructions are being processed. A core can handle one instruction per clock cycle. If a processor has 2 cores built inside it, then essentially it can handle 2 instructions for every clock cycle. Increasing further the number of cores, then the number of instructions executed per clock cycle also increases. The effect of having multi-core CPUs is much faster processing time, enabling computers to run more powerful software applications and have the computer run on heavier loads (more applications running at the same time). The ability of multi-core ...

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