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    Sales Management hardware and software available for B2B product

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    A business-to-business (B2B) company has fifty customers responsible for 80 percent of the company's revenue. All of the customers, including five local and state government agencies, require special face-to-face contacts.

    Due to the complexity of the new product the company is rolling out, a team-selling approach pairing up junior and senior salespeople will be used. Early in the introduction of the product, the sales force will be required to enter a significant amount of information from the field into the company's network.

    The marketing director has asked me to take the necessary measures to keep her up-to-date on the progress of the rollout. My company lacks an automated system for capturing field data.

    Using the South University Online Library, search the sales and marketing literature for information on the types of sales management hardware and software available in the market for such a task.

    Evaluate and compare these sales management hardware and software. Create a comparative table to judge the merits of the different options available.

    Select the best three hardware and software options. Make reasonable assumptions and justify my choice with logical reasoning.

    On the basis of your findings, create a report in a Microsoft Word document

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    Sales management

    Sales management is a management process by which organization manages its sales activities. Different software and hardware create an effective system that controls the sales people and sales activities. Servers, handling device, network switches and routers etc. are included in the hardware. Software is a combination of different programs used to manage devices and computer (Sales Management Software, 2011).

    Evaluation and Comparison


    Hardware is the device that supports the sales management activities. Host servers, Data collection terminals, RFID tags and readers, Document and label printers, Bar code scanners, Wireless LAN/WAN networks, troubleshoot hardware etc. are some important hardware that support the sales management. This hardware enables the sales people to perform the activities and maintains the accuracy in the data collection (Brown, 2007). The working nature of all the hardware is different to each other.


    Software is one of the tools that improve the employees' performance as well as also identifies the sales opportunities (Sales Management Software, 2011). Sales order management software, prophet sales management software, AIDC, sales force automation software, customer relationship management software etc. are some important software that boost effectiveness of sales management.

    Sales management hardware and software are similar to each other. Both improve the ...

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    Sales management hardware and software available for B2B products are examined.