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    Supply Chain Resource Management

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    You must select the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and production planning scheduling needs.

    1.Evaluate six software systems available and the pros and cons of each.

    2.Choose one of the software systems which best meets the need of your manufacturing company.

    3.Justify your recommendation

    4.Include (cost, Compatibility with current systems and workflow processes, functionality, ease of use, and end user support.

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    STEP 1

    Six software systems available and the pros and cons of each:

    First software system is Infor SysteLine ERP Release 7.04. This release gives supply chain management, customer relationship management and extended ERP.
    Its positive factors are easy expansion to global footprint, streamlined installation and easy upgrade. It helps conversion to multiple currencies, landed cost and value added tax. It also helps with logins of trusted services and allows users to specify inventory requirements and safety stock. There is good compatibility with the current system especially if the current products are using Microsoft software and operating systems.
    Its negative factors are the end user support system is indifferent. The after sales service is not reputed to be prompt. Manufacturing and inventory control does not easily mesh with the financial system. Compatibility is difficult if the user has a different system from the one that comes with the software. Company website http://www.mapics.com/software

    Second software system is Core IMS. This is primarily an inventory management software system that helps manage warehouses under 1,00,000sq. Feet.
    Advantages of the system are that it is easily installed, the end user training is excellent, and there is back up service for the end users. It has integration features that are unique, it is integrated with bar code scanners and can scan as well as print bar codes, besides, it can integrate with radio frequency printers. It is compatible with some computer systems like QuickBooks, MAS 90/200 and NetSuite. It has compatibility with Windows operating system. The cost per user is about ...

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