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    Enterprise System and Supply Chain Management

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    Enterprise systems integrate the functional systems such as accounting, finance, marketing, and operations. Another advantage of enterprise systems is that processes become more automated or totally automated, which increases efficiency. For example, by automating finance processes, a company can do things such as accept online orders and do business-to-business (B2B) transactions electronically, instead of via e-mail or offline methods such as telephone or fax.

    Prior to selecting and implementing an ERP or other enterprise system, it's essential that a company identify the problems to be solved, the goals to be achieved, and the type of support the information system is to provide.

    •Explain the purpose of an enterprise system and how it supports supply chain management.

    Please use at least 1 reference

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    The purpose of an enterprise system is to allow integration with sales, finances, raw materials, finished products and so forth. By having this in place within an organization, one is able to replace the individual means of getting the supply chain complete. In essence, this is ...

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    This solution discussed the purpose of the enterprise system and supply chain management on how they work together in a business environment.