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Business Value of Enterprise Systems

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Discuss the business value of enterprise systems. How can they be used to make the management of the supply chain more effective? (500-750 words with references)

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Enterprise systems provide numerous advantages and value to today's businesses. Enterprise systems streamline and support the various processes and tasks, flow of information, reporting and analysis in large organizations and integrate all the departments, divisions, processes and tasks over a centralized platform which significantly improves the coordination, collaboration and interoperability of individual departments, divisions and processes of the organization. Enterprise systems eliminate the need for standalone systems and create a centralized, standardized information system that provides access to entire organizational data, information and knowledge over a single platform. The challenges associated with bringing the standalone systems and interaction among such individual systems is eliminated with the use of enterprise systems.

Enterprise systems helps in enhancing operational efficiency by eliminating bulk of the inefficiencies, wastage, chaos and confusion that occur due to lack of ...

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Baderman Island Enterprise: Recommond, justify and evaluate

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In a paper:
* - Recommend an enterprise system for Baderman Island.
* - Justify the business value of the recommended enterprise system.
* - Evaluate any integration or platform risks involved with the choice of enterprise system.
* - Develop an organizational and managerial framework for security and control of the enterprise system.

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