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Baderman Island Enterprise: Recommond, justify and evaluate

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In a paper:
* - Recommend an enterprise system for Baderman Island.
* - Justify the business value of the recommended enterprise system.
* - Evaluate any integration or platform risks involved with the choice of enterprise system.
* - Develop an organizational and managerial framework for security and control of the enterprise system.

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The expert recommends an enterprise system for Baderman Island is examined. Any integration of platform risks involved with the choice of enterprise systems are evaluated.

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Baderman Island is an all-embracing and comprehensive resort for the tourist, which comprises hotel, conventional centre, many restaurants, spa and beauty parlor, hotels, golf courses, gift shops and garden, gym, sports club, etc. for the entertainment of the customers (Hotel Industry Technology, 2008). It was introduced in 2004 for the public and vision of this island is to serve the best luxuries and entertainment to the tourist, so that they can enjoy the beauty and view of island with comfort and enjoy their vacations with high pleasure and entertainment.

The technologies have been very innovative and the perception of the customers has been changed. In order to provide cost effective and quality services to the customer without any delay, it is essential for the management of Baderman Island to utilize the effective information technologies to integrate all the business operations and activities (Bloomfield, 1997). With the help of an effective enterprise system, Baderman Island can utilize the opportunities to attract a large customer database and to fulfill the requirements of the people that are belonged from the different geographical region in all over the world (Choo, 1996).

Enterprise system can be described as the arrangement or process, which helps the organizations to integrate all the information and data applications with each bother to achieve the organizational objectives on time. An effective enterprises system also helps the business organization to create competitive advantage for the firm by serving the customer on time as per their satisfaction level (Brown & Vessey, 2003). In simple words, an enterprise system can be explained as the program that helps the business organization to manage the cross functional business operations and necessities and supports all the departments in a single time to utilize the available information in a well effective way (Cross-Functional Enterprise Systems, 2008).

With the help this system, the management of Baderman Island can delegate responsibilities and allocate the large amount of data and information to the different business segments to complete the business operations on time (Dehning & Stratopoulos, 2003). A part from this, the enterprise system also plays an important role in the effective management of various business plans. At the time of delegating authorities, the system will assist the management of Baderman Island to execute various technologies in an efficient manner (Turban et al., 2008). With the help of this system, it would become easy for Baderman Island to provide information to all the level of management at a single time.

The Enterprise system describes in this report will be helpful for Baderman Island to maintain and collect the large data structure and search the important information within few seconds and supports the Island to solve the problem of data fragmentation to due to the assorted information system (Schoemaker, 1993). Information technology has become one of the main aspects in the success of any business firm. Enterprise system is also one of the main technologies that are given by the IT to enhance the productivity, profit margin and quality of the services of Behrman Island (Jawadekar, 2002).

This implementation of enterprise system in Baderman Island will changed the perception of customer regarding the tourism industry and their services. This will change all the hotels into hospitality enterprises in which all the hotel will connected with each other and not a single customer will wait for the accommodation if they make their program in hurry (Dehning & Stratopoulos, 2003). This connected services of the hotels and other entertainment means provide a personalized guest experience. The recommended Enterprise system for Baderman Island should mainly concentrate on the six P's that develop an effective connected hospitality enterprises system for Baderman Island (The connected Hospitality enterprise, 2008).

Six P's for the transformation of Baderman Island into a Connected Hospitality Enterprise are as follow:

1. Prioritize: According to this P, the management of Baderman Island will give the key preference to the customers' experiences. With the help of survey, the management would evaluate the feedback of the customers and analyze their priorities in the Island. This will help the Island to concentrate on the needs and desires of the customers (Hotel Industry Technology, 2008).
2. Professional Help: In order to utilize the innovative technologies and resolve the technical complications in the system, the Baderman Island should be taken professional help to re-architect the application landscape (The ...

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