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    Baderman Island: Business Impact of Wireless Technologies

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    In a paper:

    * - Evaluate the impact IT will have on effective organizational communication within the Baderman Island organization.
    * - Explain the business impact wireless technologies can have for Baderman Island
    * - Recommend at least two applications of wireless technologies for Baderman Island and justify the return on investment.

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    Impact of Wireless Technologies in Baderman Island

    Information Technology is the collection of products and services, which help in converting the data into useful and easy-to-use information. It is the rapidly growing industry in the world and has contributed greatly for the economic growth of many countries around the world (Lane & Chisholm, 1991). Among all the other countries of the world, United States is the leader in the information technology industry and represents about 40% of the global spending for information technology (Information Technology Industry, 2009).

    It helps in increasing the operational efficiency and productivity of an organization. It also helps in developing the skills of the employees and leads to the growth of the service and manufacturing companies (Baderman Technology Analysis, 2007). For the Baderman Island, it is necessary for the firm to use effective and innovative information technologies, so that the management can develop competitive advantage for the firm (Baderman Technology Analysis, 2007).

    The information technologies provide many services like networking, testing, development of database, security services, operational support, system architecture, documentation, application development, etc. to the Baderman Island (Baderman Technology Analysis, 2007). It can also serve as an important source for e-governance as it provides easy access to information.

    In all over the world the business industries are earning great success by using various information technologies, which ultimately helps the business organizations to grow in the present highly competitive and changing business environment (Venkatraman, 1994). The use of information technology applications in an organization helps in saving the time and completing the work in a definite time period (Ordanini, 2006).

    Information technology affects the every aspect of not only our life but also a successful business organization.
    Organizational communication plays and integral role in the success of the business firms and information technologies leads the effective communication process within the organization as well as outside the organization (Lane & Chisholm, 1991). There is an unprecedented growth in IT sector in the modern world. Computerization and instruments of mass communication (internet, cell phones, television, fax, etc.) have taken control over the business communication process and has become an integral part of business organizations (Roger, 2007).

    With the help of IT the company can communicate information to the employees without wasting time and to the customers in an effectual way as per their comfort (Cuel & Ferrario, n.d.). Computerization has increased the effectiveness of hotel and tourism industry and services sector. IT helps the business firm to communicate information in all over the world without any extra expanses and delay in time. Due to the globalization and innovative IT the business firms can create awareness among all the consumers about the services and facilities of the business firms (Roger, 2007).

    The role of Information technology in monetary transactions is making a significant impact on the routine lives of the people in all the nations (Cuel & Ferrario, n.d.). With the development of mass communication medium, the business firm can get in touch with the whole world by just pushing a button or clicking the mouse. Internet, the network of networks is providing the required information globally, which would provide ...

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    The business impact of wireless technologies for Baderman Island.