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    Supply Chain Management Initiative and Financial Justification

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    In a paper, present financial justification for a supply chain management initiative including recommendation for a unified financial approach to funding and a cost benefit analysis.

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    Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management is systematic, strategic coordination of the business functions within a particular company and across businesses. The supply chain of a business is helpful for enhancing the long term performance of the individual companies and whole supply chain management (Mentzer, 2001). In other words, supply chain management is systematic tool which create the better coordination between the network of supply chain of the business and increase the performance of the companies and make the better relationship between the supply chains of the different businesses. In the simple words, supply chain management is the integration of key business process the supply chain for the purpose of adding value for the customers and stakeholders (Jespersen & Larsen, 2005).

    Supply Chain Management Initiative Financial Justification
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    The financial performance directly impacts to the supply chain management of an organization. On the other hand it can be ...

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    Supply chain management initiatives and financial justifications are examined. The recommendations are provided.