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Baderman Island Technology Analysis

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Can you help me get started with this? It is over the Baderman Island scenario.
Please see ** ATTACHED ** ZIP file(s) for complete scenario and details!!

IT processes are the functions and duties that IT performs. In a 1,750 word paper:
Identify and explain strategic IT processes for Baderman Island.
Identify and explain tactical IT processes for Baderman Island.
Identify and explain operational IT processes for Baderman Island.
Define at least three business driven technologies that will be used at Baderman Island and describe the effect they will have on strategic, tactical, and operational goals.

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Baderman Island Technology analysis is provided.

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Baderman Island Technology Analysis

Baderman Island is an unbelievable resort destination as it is encircled by the river shores of Kelsey River. It is a manmade island. Originally, it was the home of the Baderman estate and then it partly associated with the town of Kelsey. It turned into an island when the water was transmitted in it in 2005 to handle the water flow at that time. At present, the island is home to an all-embracing resort, which is deliberate to meet the necessities of the assortment of tourists. The specialty of this resort is this that it exaggerates three different type of hotel alternatives for the visitors, each deliberated for a different type of guest tourist that includes business traveller, family retreat, couple get-away.

This resort destination has a range of restaurants, miscellaneous surroundings, cultural magnets and some meridian emplacements. Expositions, company retreats and conventions are the important factors of its success. The key training areas of Baderman Island are its local cultural magnets, customer demands and atonement of the needs and wants of business travellers. A Web log page has also been created by the administration of this resort for its guests, so that they can share their occurrences and ideas concerning the quality of service, facilities and the time they squander on the Island.

IT Processes for Baderman Island
In present each and every company and association is operating in an environment in which demand for advanced technology is increasing day by day along with day to day new inventions. For surviving and growing in this kind of environment necessitates a cognition regarding the various kinds of IT processes that can be used in regard to its strategic, tactical and operational goals. IT processes are the functions and duties that basically IT performs so Baderman Island Resort should also identify various IT processes that it can use for complying with its strategic, tactical and operational goals.

Strategic IT Processes for Baderman Island
Strategic IT processes is a well formulated and implemented framework that can be employed by Baderman Island for improving and ameliorating its technology related decisions. This IT process will help the executives of the resort in aligning technology with their goals along with a contribution to resort's key strategic objectives. The mostly employed strategic IT process that can also be used by Baderman Island is as follows that includes three peculiar steps:
The first step of this phase is to understand and address the current issues and challenges that the Baderman Island is confronting in its current business environment. This need to be done with financial and non-financial perspective. The second step in this process is to identify the business drivers so that identified considerations can be used as a fundament to assess how well potential IT strategy and solution options would meet the strategic imperatives of Baderman Island (ICT Strategic Planning, n.d.). Subsequent to this we need to conduct need analysis so that it can be ensured that selected IT strategy can effectively support the business ...

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