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Presenting the Business Case for a Technology Solution

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Individual - Presenting the Business Case for a Technology Solution
Part 1

In a paper:

Present a business plan for the Baderman Island enterprise wide technology solution project. This business plan should be at the executive level which is detailed, but succinct and precise with its recommendations. Summarize the key findings from your week 2, week 4, and week 5 assignments for their corresponding sections of the business plan. The paper should be no more than 3 or 4 pages not counting a cover sheet, table of contents, and the reference section. Be sure to cover the following areas in both the paper and the presentation:

Cover sheet detailing name of business, recommended initiative, your name, and contact information.
Table of contents
Executive summary
Business description
Technology Solution
Specifications and Metrics for the Project
Financial Justification

Reference Page
Be sure to incorporate key concepts from your readings where they apply and to format the paper according to APA style.

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My material covers all required areas in your posting:

- Table of contents
- Executive summary
- Business description
- Technology Solution
- Specifications and Metrics for the Project
- Financial Justification
- Reference Page

Without knowing which particular technology you have decided to implement for Baderman Island, I provided info on a Web-Based Employee Training Program.

Baderman Island Business Plan

Executive Summary
Baderman Island has an air about it that suggests heavy technology integration for the organization. This is quite clear from examining the resort's website. Continuing this outward projection, by supporting the following business plan, and the web-based training program being suggested, the initiative will not only reinforce a positive public image, but (more important) provide a more finely-tuned operation by all departments impacted. An introduction to the service being suggested, a detailed description of the solution, measurements and financial justifications follow.

Business Description
Baderman Island is engaged in a revitalization process that should set it apart from its competitors. Having a well-educated and motivated staff will certainly allow the resort to provide the kind of service that affluent guests and clients will expect. The web-based training program being proposed here, which will build on the existing Boardman Management Group professional development program, will seek to support the existing human resources training mission: "Support the company goals and objectives and the individual professional development needs of our employees, through the offering of educational courses" (Boardman Corporate University, 2005).

Technology Solution
Companies often find greater success with projects when they have had a chance to release them on a smaller scale, or even in a test environment. For Baderman Island implementing the web-based training system can take advantage of prototype initiatives. Cross (pg. 13, 2007) points out several ways that online learning can be released out in prototype fashion: use free ...

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Contained in this solution you will find info on...

- Executive Summary

- Technology Solution

- Specifications and metrics

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