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Planned Objectives vs Developmental Objectives Case Study

Go to page 113-114 and read case studies 5-1 and 5-2 (attached).
One of the most difficult things supervisors do is measure behaviors and give pertinent feedback. Part of this week's work is to learn appropriate methods of doing just that. Our case helps us pull together those things we learned in a meaningful way. What are planned objectives and developmental objectives? What are performance standards? Come up with at least two planned objectives and two developmental objectives for the case study 5-1.


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Planned objectives indiciate the specific expectations for achieving a goal or task. In case study 5-1, the Graduate Associate Intern position is to provide analytical support for identifying sourcing and procurement opportunities. Expectations for the Disney Intern would be to review all supplier contracts, compare pricing structures, and determine if there are other procurement avenues which would result in advantageous outcomes (such as lower prices, faster delivery and/or better quality). ...

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Textbook case study of how managers measure behavior and provide feedback; along with defining the differences between planned objectives and developmental objectives. Solution is approximately 300 words in length.