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    Quality of Healthcare

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    Can you help me with these questions, with references:
    - Quality is one of the three most important parts of healthcare success or lack thereof (cost control and access are the other two).
    - Identify a quality improvement program in a health care setting of your choice from your readings and/or personal experience. List the components of that program with respect to the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. What is the importance of health care managers and health care providers (physicians and others) working together on quality improvement programming, and the consequences when either participant group (health care manager OR provider) is not actively involved in the program.

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    The health care center of my choice is a hospital. The components of the program with respect to Plan are making preparations to ensure that improvements in the quality of care are implemented. This means developing the objectives of not injuring the patients, eliminating waste in processes and systems, patient centered care, and timely care. It also means allocating responsibilities for each objective to an individual and setting standards for each objective (Graban.M, 2011). For example, patent centered care means that care provider is sensitive to choices of individual ...

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    The solution to this problem explains improving of quality of health care. The references related to the answer are also included.