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Quality Improvement and Quality Management

What are the foundational frameworks of quality improvement? Why do various healthcare stakeholders define the quality of care differently? What are the roles of various clinicians and patients in quality improvement?

Why is quality management needed in the healthcare industry? What areas must be monitored for quality? What accrediting and regulatory organizations are involved in quality improvement? What are their roles? What helpful resources and organizations affect quality improvement?

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The fundamental framework of quality improvement, includes the continuous systematic improvement in the quality of processes and procedures, as well as the continuous systematic improvement in the quality of the products that are produced by a given organization. This is the basis of quality improvement, which is an ongoing process that has excellence and perfection as the desired outcome. In addition, quality improvement includes an analysis of the quality of an organization's processes and procedures and product quality, in order to make the determination as to where the problems lie, and what changes need to be made in order to improve these quality aspects. This analysis will include statistical and other quantitative methodologies to gain an accurate measurement of quality. Quality improvement also includes the aspect of ensuring that the improvement efforts that are made are commensurate with ...