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    Examining Quality Improvement Implementation

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    Continuing with the previously selected organization, (please see attached word file) prepare a 400-600-word paper that you will present to the Executive Management team. Include the following items in your paper:

    - Outline the steps of your quality management process improvement and implementation plan.

    - Define the variation you have identified in your selected process and explain how identifying and controlling variation is integral to TQM.

    See the attached file.

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    Quality Improvement Implementation at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

    Quality Improvement Implementation
    Steps of Quality Management Process Improvement & Implementation
    It is a challenging task to follow up with quality management process improvement and implementation as it involves a number of related task that need to be undertaken carefully. For achieving success in quality management process improvement and implementation plan, commitment from executives it is essential along with the appropriate allocation of resources. The area of process improvement "registration process" recognized by the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital can be improved and implemented effectively along with the following steps:
    1. Appointment of Quality Co-ordinator: First of all the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital need to appoint a quality co-ordinator who will be responsible for the execution of the AS/NZS ISO 9000:2000 quality systems in concern to their systems.
    2. Set up of an Implementation Team: Subsequently hospital need to set up an implementation team which will include representatives from all sections of the hospital mainly the ...

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    The solution examines quality improvement implementation. Variations of a processes and controlling the variation are defined.