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    Family-centered Care in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit

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    Determining the capacity for improvement in a specific area of health care operations can be challenging. Health care organizations (HCOs) often use national benchmarks as measuring sticks against which current performance can be measured. Depending on the area of operations, national benchmarks may not be available, and leaders may need to determine their targeted performance goals based on other factors.

    Analyze the capacity for improvement for a specific organizational process in a health care organization (fictitious or actual HCO). Remember that 100% efficiency is rarely possible. Focus on the following:

    Analyze how the target performance goal was established and take into account current operational performance.
    Use benchmark data or historical performance data to determine your final capacity optimization goal.
    Include specific operational recommendations to achieve this goal, including expected outcomes.

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    The target performance is an attempt at implementing developmentally supportive family-centered care in the newborn intensive care unit as a quality improvement initiative. The way that the target performance goal was established was through the performance improvement (PI) process, which encompasses an evidence-based practice approach toward improving quality of care. The (PI) process is predicated upon a belief that each process within the intensive care unit can be improved to meet or exceed the needs of children and their parents. To accomplish this goal, PI supports a practical approach to evaluate the effectiveness of specific practices and comprehensive programs used in newborn intensive care units. Moreover, PI needs to identify structural components consisting of facility demographics and resources, which impact selected processes in the newborn intensive care unit, understand specific process components consisting of interventions and relationships with family members of the newborns, and monitor outcomes directly related to the process being reviewed.

    Currently, hospitals across the nation use the PI process to improve their hospital operational functions wherein the steps of the process analyzing the current process, resources, and customer expectations; examining and documenting the root causes of process ...

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