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    Quality Improvement Programs

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    I am lost and need help:

    Comparing and contrast these formal quality improvement programs:
    Edward Deming's Quality program
    Six Sigma

    Consider the following factors:

    The main premise of the program
    Key requirements for successful implementation
    Initial steps to implement it

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    The quality programs that will be compared and contrasted will be Edward Deming's quality program and the Six Sigma quality improvement program. The main premise of Edward Deming's quality program includes the point that businesses must continuously adapt their methodologies and operational paradigms to the economic and business environment that they face at a given time. In addition, businesses must consistently seek to improve the quality of their operations and products produced, continuously reduce operational costs, implement on the job training programs, continuously improve the leadership capabilities of management within organizations, and improve coordination between the different departments within an organization. A key requirement for the successful implementation of this ...