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    Quality Management and Performance

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    Read Case Study 6 on pages 396-407 of your textbook:

    Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases. 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

    Evaluate Harrogate Borough Council's approach to quality management with particular reference to the system used for performance measurement. What lessons, if any, can be learned from this UK public sector case study that could be usefully applied in your industry or country. Give reasons for your answers.

    I am looking for 550-750 words to help me get started on this question. I would also like three academic sources.

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    The Harrogate Borough Council's approach to quality management is focused on establishing authority, responsibility and accountability. The council uses its obligation to report to the public and the Government as a way to review its performance, and "to identify and achieve continual improvements" (Oakland, 2003). To do this, the Harrogate Borough Council identified five areas to review on a regular basis. In addition, the Harrogate Borough Council established a long-term vision, "three broad aims and nine key objectives" (Oakland, 2003). The Harrogate Borough Council has also committed to seven key long-term principles, such as quality services, effective management, integrity and accountability, as a way to help shape or direct its efforts. This establishment of important areas, vision, and objectives is an important component of successful performance measurement. One must know what is desired in order to measure results.
    Based on these objectives and guidelines, the Harrogate Borough Council developed a Corporate Action Plan that detailed planned actions and establishes targets. The Corporate Action plan helps the council prioritize its' activities, and sort them based upon the Harrogate Borough Council's corporate objectives. This plan is reviewed twice a year to ensure the Harrogate Borough Council is on target. In addition, all council service managers must also prepare a business plan each year that outlines actions based upon targets with measures of accountability outlined. These plans are reviewed on a regular basis, with a minimum review of ...

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    This solution evaluates Harrogate Borough Council's approach to quality management with particular reference to the system used for performance measurement based on an attached case study. It offers lessons that can be learned from the case study that could be applied to another industry. Includes APA formatted references.