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A Discussion On Organizational Goals And Programs & Policies

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A) Organizational Goals
1. Propose how you would determine if a performance management system aligns with the organizational goals of a company.
2. Predict three effects of poor or low alignment, and proposes a solution to all three negative effects.

B) Programs and Policies
1. Select one of the six assessment points and determine how this evaluates the effectiveness of performance management programs and policies.
2. Prepare a solution if the goal of the point you selected is not reached.

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In order for business success, the objective is to creating a solidifying element of meeting goals for producing the desired results. Thus, the organizational goals are imperative to streaming operational processes that move forward the core mission objectives through cooperative employee efforts. Let's take a look at several areas pertaining to goals and programs / policies:

A) Organizational Goals

1. Propose how you would determine if a performance management system aligns with the organizational goals of a company.

In measuring a performance management system to aligning with the organization goals, the set key metrics of indicators must demonstrate the final output of productivity. For instance, if the company makes a product that must demonstrate quality and proficiency is to perform expectations based ...

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