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Customer Service Call Center - HR Advisor Recommendation Report: Organizational Development and Training Program

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Imagine a customer service call center has recently hired you, as an HR advisor, to make recommendations to their organizational development and training program. The call center's profit margin has been low and many employees quit after 1 year. The employee who has worked longest has only been there for 2 years, and he is looking at other job markets. You observe employees in their activities and notice that many do not see a future at the call center. Many new hires complain about the lack of a training class. The only training involves them observing another employee for 3 days; afterwards, they are expected to begin working with customers on their own and to be familiar with the database. Customers also complain that representatives are rude, impatient, and confused when answering questions.

Create a detailed report of what your recommendations would be for the call center. In your report, include the following points:

- Components of your job analysis and design
- Techniques in developing your training programs
- Importance and differences in using mentoring and executive coaching
- An effective approach to organizational development based on the situation
- Different approaches to career development.

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There are a number of problems that has been witnessed in the Call Centre organization. These problems have been witness by customers of the organization who complain that the representatives are misbehaving. In addition to this the employees of the organization are not motivated to work for the Call Centre for a long time. Some of employees have advocated that the reason for this attitude towards work is because; the organization does not offer adequate training. The employees also claim that they see no future in the organization and thus are looking for other job opportunities in the markets. This report is aimed to give the recommendations to their organizational development and training programs at the Call Centre.

The first step the Call Centre should take is to carry out a job analysis of the organization. There are three components of the job analysis and design i.e. analyzing the structure of the organization, evaluating the activities of the work place and identifying the knowledge component of the organization. In the organizational structure the hierarchy of management is identified whether power will be centralized or decentralized. In addition to this, the overall objectives of the organization are identified and policies are developed so as to define the organization structure of the call centre in details (Bohlander & Snell, 2010).

The firm should also divide the work to be done by the employees into departments depending with what the tasks to be done. Each department should formulate the long term and short term plans that will enable the firm's overall objectives to be met. Setting of policies and plans help to ensure that the firm has a future for it and for the employees. In the third component of the job analysis and design i.e. the knowledge if the tasks to be performed; employees should be taught adequately about their duties in the firm. This information gives the employees a description of what is expected of them and gives the ability ...

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This report is aimed to give a recommendation to the Call Centre organization through describing the components of the job analysis and design. Job analysis and design is a method that is used in the processes of the organizational development. It stipulates the techniques the firm can utilize so as to ensure that the rate of the employing transfer to other jobs in the market is reduced. It also gives methods and techniques how training programs can be developed in the organization. The importance of these training programs is clearly described in this report. Four references are included.