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CSR Needs Assessment Survey: Towards a Training Program

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You are the internal training manager of your organization. As a staff of HR, you are the main contact for everyone who needs training or who thinks they need training.

Because you are in the said department, you consistently call upon members within the organization when it comes to determining training needs, developing and delivering the training, and then determining if the training actually met the needs. Of course, if there are needs in which there is no organizational expertise, it may be necessary to outsource some of the training by hiring external vendors.


Design a needs analysis survey in the form of a Word document for 1 of the following positions:
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* Accountant
* Human resource generalist
* Customer service representative

In the document, please include the questions you would ask to perform a(n):

* Organizational analysis
* Job analysis
* Individual analysis

To help you identify the type of work each of these functions performs, check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor â?" Bureau of Labor Statistics, Perform your search by job title (such as sales representative) or by using an alphabetical search.

After you finish creating your survey, answer the following questions in the same document:

* How will you use your survey (individual interviews, focus groups, or self-administered questionnaires)?
* Explain your reasoning on why you will collect data in this way. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods?
* Why would a human resources development specialist conduct a needs analysis?

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Solution Summary

A research proposal for a CSR Needs Assessment Survey was designed. The objective of the said survey is to prepare an organization for a Training Program for Customer Service Representatives. The proposal contains basic parts that include: statement of the problem, research design, sampling technique, and instrumentation. Basic items that may be included in the survey questionnaire were provided.

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