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    Evaluating Educational Program

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    I need assistance with an assignment please. I am creating an educational program (i.e. online education/training for adults/caregivers in the assisted living field) and I need assistance with the "evaluation" of my program including the methods and strategies (which I have listed below in more detail).

    Select TWO informal and ONE formal methods or strategies for gathering data (to evaluate the program). The informal can be anecdotal. At least one method (formal) should use quantitative measures that require the input of numbers or a graduated scale. Each of the three must include the following:

    Provide the name of the process, e.g., Likert Survey, Semantic Differential Scale, Checklist.

    Explain the type of instrument or activity e.g., formal or informal.

    Describe the key purpose for the assessment instrument or activity. For example, identify the top three concerns of stakeholders or describe the concepts measured by the needs assessment instrument.

    Describe the processes to be used for assessment of reliability and validity of the instrument(s) (test-retest reliability, internal consistency, validity, etc).

    List guiding questions of the instrument or activity [Include a minimum of five and maximum of ten questions].

    Describe the process of how the instrument or activity will be disseminated and collected, and where the raw data will be maintained, e.g. Online Survey Monkey (http://www.surveymonkey.com/), handout, e-mail, maintained in a confidential folder on your personal computer, etc.

    Illustrate how the data will be analyzed, e.g. descriptive statistics (frequency, mode, median, mean, etc. Lodico, 2006, p. 75-81) or explain the data to measure each variable in the study.

    Articulate how the findings will be reported. e.g. handout at staff meeting, e-mail, conversations, etc.

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    Step 1
    The first informal method that will be used for collection of data will be:
    In-depth Interview:
    This is an informal method of collecting data. It is a confidential and secure conversation between the data collector and the person who has participated in the program.
    Key purpose for the in-depth interview is to assess the extent to which the expectations of the caregivers in the assisted living field have been satisfied. Another purpose is to identify critical areas that have not been covered by the educational program so that the program can be improved in future.
    The assessment of reliability and validity will be established through test retest. At least two persons will be interviewed twice. The second interview will be after a period of two weeks. If the responses are similar reliability will be established.
    Guiding Questions:
    How did the course improve your knowledge of assisted living?
    Which modules of the course will help you most in your career?
    Which areas of the course are most pertinent to your current job?
    What improvements would you like in the study material?
    What areas would you want included in the program?
    What are the improvements would you like in the instruction method?
    The interview will be conducted at instruction center or the office of the online educational/training program. The in-depth interview will be conducted by the instructor and permission will be taken from the caregiver in the assisted living field to video tape the interview. The data will be maintained in a confidential folder of your personal computer and a backup will be maintained on a pen drive.
    The analysis will be done by taking notes from the video tape. For each question, the ...

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