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    Assessment plan to evaluate the use of the instructional technologies

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    Please help me develop an assessment plan that will evaluate the use of the instructional technologies you have chosen. I have included some of technology guidelines. Include in your narrative an explanation of what constitutes learning success, failure, and how you will know if your final project meets or exceeds your goals.

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    The assessment strategies I will use in evaluating the use of the instructional technologies I have chosen in teaching gifted, particularly musically talented, children will determine how my teaching positively impacted the learning of these students. Thus, the assessment plan must measure the outcomes of the instructional materials as reflected in the learning targets.

    As regards the ten instructional technologies I have identified to be utilized in my teaching strategies for the gifted, particularly those who are musically talented, I have decided to use a continuous assessment plan. The ten instructional technologies are:
    1. Electronic technology: Online databases - ProQuest
    2. Electronic technology: Online databases - Questia
    3. Virtual school devoted exclusively to the gifted and talented children
    4. Educational structures
    5. CD-ROM
    6. Internet
    7. Computer laboratory
    8. Audio-visual laboratory
    9. Online examinations and evaluations
    10. Assistive technology

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