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    1. How important is it to have an established process when implementing a new information technology into an organization? Please give specifics and examples.

    This is what I have:

    An established process can help a company to review proposed IT projects, monitor their development performance and help them to understand whether the firm has the required infrastructure and necessary financial capability to handle these projects. For example an established process can review projects quarterly and ensure that cost and schedule overruns, and performance shortfalls average less than 10 percent. Once IT projects are approved, they can be reviewed quarterly by CIO to ensure that they map to the company's enterprise architecture.

    Can your answer be in paragraphs? Thank you! Your HELP is greatly appreciated.

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    To expand on these points, the established process is often an established written strategic plan (objectives and goals) for implementing the IT technology project.

    The established IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT process ensures the match between the IT need of the organization and the IT project and strategy. In other words, the plan ensures that the IT projects will indeed meet the organizational need, through the review of the IT project prior to approval, for example.
    The established IT Project management process is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time effort, for example, construct a building or implement a new computer system (IT project). This process of project management includes developing a project plan, which includes defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for completion. It also includes implementing the project plan, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path", that is, to ensure the plan is being managed according to plan. Thus, this process fits into your points above. First it gives direction to the process (plan), time lines, budget guidelines, time lines for project implementation, The process of Project management usually follows major phases (with various titles for these phases), including feasibility study, project planning, implementation, evaluation and ...

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