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Benefits and Management Problems of Client/Server Networks

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What are the business benefits and management problems of client/server networks? Network computing? Peer-to-peer networks?

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Benefits of client/server computing include:
? Clients (end users) can perform some or most of the processing of their business applications.
? LAN servers can share application processing, manage work group collaboration, and control common hardware, software, and databases.
? Data can be completely processed locally, where most input and output must be handled.
? Provides access to the workstations and servers in other networks.
? Computer processing is more tailored to the needs of the end users.
? Increases information processing efficiency and effectiveness, as users are more responsible for their own application systems.
? Allows large central-site computers to handle the jobs they do best - such as high-volume transaction processing, communications network security and control, and maintenance and control of large corporate databases.
? Clients at local sites can access the corporate ...

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