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Peer-to-Peer & Client/Server Networking

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Compare and contrast peer-to-peer networking with client/server networking. Thank you.

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Every network requires a network operating system (NOS) which is a special software that can control the flow of information that are used by the users in the network. Each computer that is a part of the network has NOS installed on it which controls all the exchange of files and information.

There are two classifications of NOS:

- Peer-to-Peer - There are more than two PCs and preferably at most ten PCs in the network. Each PC has its own hard disk drive where the information is stored and which all the PCs in the network can access. This network is decentralized and is used only by a few people. All the resources of the PCs, e.g., disk drives, CD-ROM drives and printers can be shared by all who has access to the network . They work as information requester (client) ...