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    Creating a Network and Updating Computers

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    Bench Fitness Centers has eight separate locations in this area. Most of the centers have the same equipment and provide the same services, but some centers have different equipment and specialized trainers. Below is a summary of the services Bench Fitness Center is seeking from the a mid-sized IT consulting company.

    The networking team will work on the network design for the eight centers. In the past, each Bench client has been enrolled in one particular location. However, Bench Fitness marketers think they will get more clients if clients can go to any of the eight Bench Fitness Centers. At the present time the eight centers are not connected to a central network. In order to open all centers to all clients, Bench needs a networked tracking system to maintain records of client usage. This will also allow clients with particular needs and/or interests to match up with specialized equipment and trainers at different centers.

    At their eight locations, Bench fitness currently has one PC in the office and one PC in the entrance area. These computers are peer networked, but all are more than five years old.

    Bench wants to install a computer in each of the 3 training areas of the centers, so trainers and other staff can look up client records without having to go to the office. Security is an issue and customers should not be able to access these computers. To help increase client use of the centers and to lengthen the time they spend at the centers, Bench also wants to add wireless connectivity in the customer lounge area, so clients can check email, visit the Internet, etc. in between sessions.

    The networking project is to update the computer hardware and software at the eight centers and to develop designs for a networked environment to support the goals and to allow clients to visit all locations. All computers at the centers should be able to print to a networked printer and to local printers.

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