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Writing Definitions for Informatics

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Instructions: Write a definition in your own words for each of the terms below.
1. Hardware

2. Software:

3. Network:

4. Data:

5. Information:

6. Database:

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Definitions for informatics (see attachment).
Instructions: Write a definition in your own words for each of the terms below.
1. Hardware
2. Software:
Hardware and software
Hardware can be of any physical device, something that you are able to touch and feel it and where "software" is a collection of instructions and code installed into any computer or any other device and you cannot be able to touch.
Example 1:
Hardware: Computer monitor, mouse
The computer monitor read content and text on and the mouse to click and surf on internet is hardware.
Software: Internet Browser
The Internet browser you use it to surf any web pages and the operating system (windows/Linux/Mac OS) that the browser is running on is all constitute as "software".

List of hardware:
Hardware is used to run the software.
1. Hard drive
2. Motherboard
3. Video and sound cards
4. Monitor
5. Printers
6. Scanners
7. Keyboard and the ...

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