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    Trends and Factors in Health Care Informatics.

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    Need help identifing and analyzing three trends and factors that have the most significant influence on today's health information systems and explain why.

    Then identify why health care delivery systems might be affected by the trend/s factors you select?

    Finally compare and contrast health informatics and health information systems.

    Please cite any references if used.

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    The first thing I would do if I have an assignment and I don?t know where to start is to do a Google search with the term ?Trend and factors in Health Care Informatics? and start cruising the results. DeShazo et. Al (2009) discusses publication trends in the medical informatics literature and while DeShazo discussed the past 20 years, he also included present trends. When I research anything I do not read the entire document, I use the find function to find what I am looking for and ...

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    Trends and factors in health care informatics are examined. The health care delivery systems which might be affected by the trends factors you selected is determined.