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    Quality and Integrity in Healthcare Informatics

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    Why is quality and integrity so important in health care informatics?

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    Information Technology and its application in healthcare improve the functions of the system and bring new opportunities for improvement. The advent and use of Information Technology in healthcare has also brought in new risks due to the fact that confidential data is stored, processed, and therefore exposed at many levels, to various roles (individuals) in the software system. Unfortunately, many times data quality and integrity have been compromised in healthcare practice resulting in unacceptable consequences. There are numerous examples of incidences; one of them as such:
    - Prevalence of errors in software used for calculating risk of Down's syndrome led to false calculations of risk for 150 women (in England). The software presented some false negatives due to lack of quality data. The fault was in the data being used in the ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of quality and integrity in health care informatics.