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Job Description of a Network Administer

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Write a job description of the role and responsibilities of a network administer. Create a detailed list of the personal traits and skills necessary for a person to be a highly effective network administrator. Make the description and list as detailed and complete as possible.

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Summary of Job Description

According to Null (1999), the job description of a network administrator includes but is not limited to keeping the network in optimal performance by constantly optimizing the services of both the software and the hardware computer components. In this network environment, there are multiple computers operating at the same time and therefore the position of a network administrator will involve configuration of the local area network (LAN) and the outside network or wide area network (WAN). The objective of the network administrator is to ensure that users of this network have access to information they need in order to perform their jobs more effectively. The two subsequent paragraphs describe in detail the job requirement of a network administrator and the personal trait a network administrator should posses.

Individual Aspect of Job Requirement

Network administrator is required to maintain the computer network of an organization or group of people that are tied together by being able to accomplish certain skills. These skills include maintenance of the ...

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This solution provides a job description of the role and responsibilities of a network administer.

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